About the website :

  • Every Monday, tune in on DO THE MEANING and find a new song waiting for you
  • For each song you’ll find some lyrics and a question at the end of the article for you to answer in the comments

Genres and time periods vary, but expect electro, new wave, goth and indie music

These songs and lyrics are a writing prompt for you. Get wild in the comments.

On the home page you’ll find a spotify playlist compiling all the songs.

“Do The Meaning” is a song by Magazine.

  • DO THE MEANING focuses on smaller artists (with exceptions), the goal is for you to discover something you’ve never heard before
  • This is not a website where you learn about the history of music, you’ll have to do the digging yourself to find info about the artists mentioned. I’m not lazy I just want to recreate the feeling you get when you hear a song for the first time and you love it but you know nothing about the people who made it.