Bonus Playlist : Small voice boom boom

For this bonus playlist I’d like to introduce you to a genre I call “small voice boom boom”. It’s basically psych pop with particularly high voices, instrumentals that go boom boom and dreamy/cosmic (somewhat scary) lyrics.

Kicking off this playlist is “Hole in the Wall” by Moses Gunn Collective, an Australian psych pop collective. Since we love lyrics here, the main chorus “I can’t stop thinking about the hole in the wall” is just perfect.

Next on the playlist you’ll find a lot of Fever The Ghost (the band that sparked my interest in this genre), some MGMT, James Supercave and Pond.

You’ll also find a great track from a band with a nice name : Satanicpornocultshop. What’s funny about this song called “Paradise” is that, if you only read the lyrics, it’s a pretty normal love song. But the instrumental seems almost eerie with its beeping sounds and the voice has a kind of falseness behind it, indicating that something is wrong.

That’s what Small voice boom boom is all about, a nice, summery and bright exterior with a sense of eeriness creeping in.