Week 11 : Oh Boy – Sixth June

What a wonderful beat and what a wonderful voice. This is not a well known band so please think of them dearly as you dance (slowly) to this track.

Oh Boy
Sing me a song
Sing me your song
Sing me a song
Sing me your song

What do you think is so special about singing to someone ? Which voice would you like to hear ?

Answer below

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One response to “Week 11 : Oh Boy – Sixth June”

  1. i think that it’s lovely when someone sings to you bc you usually never would get to hear their voice like that, a singing voice is so different from a speaking voice so to hear someone sing is like discovering a new part of them, even if they sing off tune, you can join in and both sing off tune together. i have no specific voice i’d like to hear, just the point of hearing someone sing when you never hear them like that is so good… tho i do have a preference for male singing voices, i think every voice has something special and reveals something deep about the person singing <33


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