Week 13 : Misanthrope – Chopper

Chopper is a must for anyone who likes big synths, horror films and edgy lyrics

I wanna be Free and I wanna be Me
Tell me
Who else should I be ?

A classic tale ! Who wouldn’t like to be someone else ? Write a verse about another you

Answer below

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One response to “Week 13 : Misanthrope – Chopper”

  1. i see her in the street and she looks like me but better
    i follow her around but she doesn’t look back
    she doesn’t seem to care about anything going on around her, really
    she enters my place and i see her room decor from the window
    it’s terrific, so trendy and harmonious
    she undresses, folds her black monochrome just like mine
    tho it looks way more tailored on her
    she starts to dance with her headphones on her head
    she looks at herself in the mirror but
    with her eyes closed
    she doesn’t see that
    her reflection is me
    (such a nice song!!)


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