Week 16 : Scared to Death – The Exploding Boy

Named after the eponymous Cure’s song, The Exploding Boy is a swedish dark indie band ready to scare you to death. To me there’s a sprinkle of emo in this post-punk, but y’know what they say : “April showers bring May flowers”…

Take a breath
Hold on tight
There’s no need to be scared tonight

Compared to other lyrics I usually put here, this song is very classic emo straight to the point, it’s appealing though isn’t it ? Do your best emo lyric impression in the comments.

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One response to “Week 16 : Scared to Death – The Exploding Boy”

  1. i really like the song, the voice reminds me of she wants revenge which is a nice throwback. here’s an emo impression, just one verse :

    tonight the ambulances wail
    while we embrace in the dark
    in here you’re not alone
    i’ll protect you from what’s lurking
    cause the world belongs to us
    and if you cry i’ll just hold you tight
    baby we belong in the night

    what do you think, any good?


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