Week 17 : Four Years – Cullen Omori

Where I live it’s still not very sunny outside but I listen to sunny songs anyway. Cullen Omori is a very cool looking indie musician, look him up, he’s got the indie haircut.

The boy is left, trying to sort through all the mess
Became so attached to feeling like a piece of trash
And he’s so numb
And he’s so numb
And his indifference could burn the whole place down

I love lyrics that would be too much and kind of ridiculous if they were on a sad instrumental but become great on a sunny pop instrumental.

I’ve already asked you to write emo/sad lyrics before so I’m gonna change it up, could you describe this instrumental however you like but NO musical terms are allowed.

Answer below

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One response to “Week 17 : Four Years – Cullen Omori”

  1. to me this instrumental sounds like driving on a coast in the sun and the windows are rolled down, you feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your arms, you smell the sea breeze, but you’re driving away from something, and maybe you’ve got glitter stuck in your hair and on your skin that even wind and waves won’t remove, but it’s okay, birds are flying high above your car, you reach for your sunglasses and you keep your eyes on the road til you arrive at a nice little rocky spot over the water, park your car, sit there and dangle your legs above the void while the sun warms you up, but maybe that’s a little intense, it’s just the vision i had (the video did help, i guess)


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