Week 36 : Livin’Easy – Being Dead

It’s the first week of September, and it’s still unbelievably warm in the world. The only positive thing about that is that you can still listen to folk and hazy pop like the one that Being Dead, a Texas-based trio, has graced us with on their latest and first full-length album, When Horses Would Run. A trip through a hazy desert filled with televisions and wild horses.

I have lived ten thousand lives
I’ve watched all my children die
When death comes to rest my eyes
From the shrine, I take my rise
Livin’ is easy
Livin’ is easy
Livin’ is easy
Livin’ is easy
Livin’ is easy

The delivery of these first few lines and the little synth sequence that comes directly after are a perfect way to start this song that constantly dances on the line between soft and not so soft ( as well as dark and not so dark). Changes in tones are always interesting when it comes to lyrics; I don’t like things to stay too serious for too long. That’s why I included in the little box above the lyrics of the second half of the song, which is just a very long repetition.

“Livin’ is easy”, it’s almost believable if you listen to the last part of the song. Rewind a bit, and this repetition will feel like it’s mocking you. I like songs that are in motion, and this one definitely is.

For my little prompt, I’d like to ask you to write something inspired by the name of the album, When Horses Would Run. Horses are very inspiring animals, so I believe you won’t have any difficulty answering this…

Answer Below

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