Week 49 : I Break Stallions – Le Blonde

Beginning of December! How are we holding up? This band was in my weekly recommendations on Spotify, and despite not really liking the lyrics on any of their songs, I just couldn’t stop listening. The truth is, I really liked it, and I couldn’t figure out why at first. Sorry for the teasing, but let me tell you why this just works.

Hmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmm.
Hmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmm.
Blessed is thy fruit—of thy womb

Despite never releasing a full-length album and not having a lot of streams on Spotify, Le Blonde, as I soon found out, have their own sort of fame. The duo’s music has been featured as background music for a lot of runways, as well as some TV shows and movies. That definitely plays a role in why I like it. I have a thing for music that sounds like it’s in the background of a film.

If you look at their music video and at their single covers on bandcamp, you will see that their aesthetic is one that we’re already looking at with nostalgia-tinted glasses. Skinny legs floating in clear water, pink filters, over edited pictures of cherry blossoms. Despite not being very old, I already recognise in those symbols something of the past. And you can hear it too; it’s audible. The robotic voice at the end of the song is just the cherry on top for me.

Do I like their songs because I feel like I’m hearing some ghostly voices from the past? Or do I just like it because they kind of sound like Garbage (the band, duh)? And I just love Garbage. No prompts today; all this thinking has got me tired. Tell me what you think, and tell me all about your personal positive triggers in music.

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One response to “Week 49 : I Break Stallions – Le Blonde”

  1. nice song and nice article, i think by now i kinda get the kind of female voices you like in music, makes sense since i’ve been here for quite a while now (keep doing what u do btw!!) also robotic voices, of course, i was there for your post abt get well soon 😉
    for me my positive triggers in music are definitely violin and guitar arrangements, repetitive leitmotivs, dramatic beat drops. i don’t really have lyrics triggers, sadly, i don’t pay so much attention to them that they get me to like a song, it’s more that they can get me to dislike it if they’re really too dumb… but yeah i really like intense rhythms and instruments. oh and intense backing vocals too!! i don’t have a great auditory memory so i like something that can stick with me easily…


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