Week 48 : Souvenir – MICH

MICH’s description on bandcamp is “A warm summer in which everything dies.” Summer is very far away now, and I think it’s strange how fast december seems to be creeping in. So here’s a very fast song about time flying. Blink, and you’ll miss it.

Choosing a side
The sun or safety
The grey or a daydream
The grey or a daydream
The grey or a daydream

I just love the expression “the grey.” It seems to hold a strange power. It’s like “we fade to grey”, you just know what it means; you couldn’t explain it, really.

You might not enjoy this song right now because the melody and beat are so distinctively summer. It’s fast, it’s shiny, but don’t be fooled; it’s already just a memory of a summer. You can feel it in the voice. There’s a superposition when the chorus is sung: not one but two ethereal voices are asking YOU, the grey or a daydream. So, what’s it gonna be?

That’s not my question for you today, though. Besides the pre-chorus and the chorus, this song has two verses of just four lines. That’s a short time to drive a point home. Here’s your prompt: I’d like it if you wrote your own 8 lines with the same chorus as the song. Drive your own point home; it’s gotta be fast; make it count.

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One response to “Week 48 : Souvenir – MICH”

  1. hi, it’s weird listening to such a summery song when the last thing i listened to before in the evening is literally an algorithm-made winter mix (thx spotify)… i think with enough will you could force this song to fit your winter playlist but then you risk longing for summer before the solstice has even passed… anyway here i go with my prompt:

    watch the train come into the station
    is it what you really want
    is this all there is to it?
    do spread the veil apart


    is a new day dawning
    or is it just the neon bars
    watch the curtains fly when
    you drown yourself in your kettle



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