Week 1 : All Alone With Seas – R.Missing

Since this article is posted on a Sunday, it means it’s the end of the first week of January. Does that mean it’s the end of the beginning already? Anyway, I’ve been loving this song for a few weeks now, I wish I was all alone with seas. That’s the New Year spirit.

It’s all you ever wanted
You’re all alone with seas
You smile because the water’s so clear
And that ruined your life
How did the party end so early?
Aren’t all these atoms moving through me too freely?
Too freely

I like the different moments of the song: the first part with the main lyrics, and then the second part where it all melts into a catchy catchy rhythm with only faint whispers still chanting “All alone with seas.” It’s like the song’s turning on itself.

When you think of electronic dance music, you tend to think about space more than the sea. I think it’s ’cause space seems very synthetic, with all the spaceships and the aliens speaking in sounds you can’t comprehend. The sea is a much more real space, but you can’t comprehend the whale’s song either.

Anyway, I really like the lyrics of R.Missing, and my wish for 2024 is that we’ll discover more sea-related electronic dance music. It’s the first week of January; how did the party end so early?

writing prompt of the week: I’d like you to try your hand at writing sea-related lyrics; go wild, the sea is vast. Answer Below.

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