Week 2 : Colouring of Pigeons – The Knife feat.Mount Sims & Planningtorock

The Knife separated in 2014, and 2014 was 10 years ago. All good? Excellent, for it’s time for your 11-minute-long song. This is an extremely ambitious song that feels like an opera, taking you through the history of Earth and its creatures (mainly its birds). If that doesn’t make you want to listen to it, then I can’t help you.

Columbia livia
Great ages through
Course of days
Tumblers, Jacobins
Beak shapes, skeletal traits
Runts and Carriers
Wooden hexagonal cage
Pouters and Fantails
Tail feathers at what age?
(The delight of once again being home)

Everything in this song is excellent: the different voices blending together, the percussions that would send any self-respecting contemporary dance teacher into a transe, and these strange, strange lyrics. When the singing does actually venture into the opera realm, it’s deeply moving. I wish I could sing “Tail feathers at what age?” at such a volume.

The ending of the song is very ominous. Even though Karin Dreijer’s voice has been repeating over and over, “The delight of once again being home,” what is left of home when the percussions stop and buzzing factory-like noises creep in and replace everything?

Last week we were in the depths of the ocean with “All alone with seas”, now we’re up in the sky. I’m starting to think I’m running a travel blog.

writing prompt of the week: Pick an animal or a type of animal; it must be the central subject of your song. Now build around it. I believe in you; you can do it. Answer Below or in your favorite bird-shaped notebook.

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