Week 3 : Life After Sundown – Glass Candy

This is it. Another week’s ending. No doubt, January is a dark month for dark walks after sundown. And the electronic band Glass Candy has just the right song for that.

I’m walking alone
The streets are so wet
I’m walking alone
The only thing bright is the streetlight
The only thing warm is the blood in our veins
So I think of warm days as a getaway
Like Valentino in Blood and Sand

A horror film comes to mind when listening to the song’s opening synth melody. But then a beat comes in and suggests a little more life. Phew! We can still move. But we’ve got to move fast. The imagery in this song is very vivid; I can see the wet streets perfectly, and I can almost walk in them from my bed.

The melodies, the voice, the lyrics—everything’s there to make you have one hell of a walk. Perhaps a deadly one. We’ve left seas and birds this week, back on the streets. See you next time; have a good walk.

Writing prompt of the week: Obviously, I’m going to ask you to write about walking alone at night. Imagine yourself walking at night, really imagine it, then note down your environment and who you encounter or hope to never encounter. Make a song with that material.

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