Week 5 : Driftwood – Scarlet Mill

Some will say I missed a week; they’re lying. Scarlet Mill is a relatively new indie rock duo, and with their songs, they’re kindly telling us stories. Driftwood is the fifth track in their upcoming album, whose songs will all tell the tale of a relationship between a sailor and the woman waiting for him on land. The sea, the sea!

Now we’re waiting for the day for our stories to unfold
Now we float between the waves
our tales waiting to be told

Driftwood is an evolving song; starting calmly whilst still bearing an eerie tone. Then, a rush of wind seems to pick up the song when the chorus hits. The superposition of the voices works well with the whole dramatic-oceanic-love storytelling. The second time the chorus comes, it’s played twice and then drifts (ha!) away into a great mix of shiny, shiny instruments.

I love the meta aspect of the chorus—tales waiting to be told—that’s what songs are really. I wonder what’s in store for this couple. I’m hoping there’ll be a giant sea creature involved, but that wouldn’t be very dreamy-indie-pop-rock, would it?

Writing prompt: I already asked you to write about the sea before, so maybe, to change it up, you should write about that giant sea creature I’ve mentioned. How do you write about a monster while staying in the indie-dream-pop realm of lyric writing? That’s a good exercise. Answer below or in an old ship’s log.

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One response to “Week 5 : Driftwood – Scarlet Mill”

  1. great article and great song (i guess the giant sea monster must have eaten last week’s rec….) i really like concept albums and stories about the sea so that’s a nice treat, thanks!!

    let’s sea (haha…) how i’ll go abt your prompt:
    what was this shadow
    on the horizon
    amongst the froth?
    shiny scales in the mirror-like sea
    oh sea, swallow us
    she’ll swim away
    gigantic shadow
    passing by
    under our fleet
    and we’ll feel like she’s waved us bye
    a sailor found a shiny scale
    and sold it back on the shore

    i got inspired, nice prompt too!! i’ll catch up on your other prompts as well!


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