Week 19 : The Streets – Magon

Sometimes you juste wanna get out of your home and walk without purpose, but what if the outside is just as sad and scary as the inside ? The Paris based musician Magon kindly gives you a song to use as a shield in case you’d like to try your luck with the outside world.

Everything is real
In the streets
People dying in the streets
Near the lampposts and corners of the city
I see them fighting in search for release
And I’m cut out as I walk in the streets

I absolutely love the way the melody progresses in this song + the way the words “the streets” are sung with the fun chorus effect. Again dark lyrics + repetition + fun indie pop melody blablabla you get it now, back to your regular prompt : Write a chorus or a verse about the streets ! They can be scary or safe, depends on you, just express your feelings for them…

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One response to “Week 19 : The Streets – Magon”

  1. i like the lisp that you can hear when he says « streets »!!
    anyway here’s my prompt :
    we’re all so down to earth
    walking amongst those walls of stone
    glass squares metal spears
    from down here the sky’s cut up
    whether it’s blue or gray
    we’re all at the bottom of a swimming pool
    but it will never be filled
    we’re all in the gutter
    and the stars are all made up
    streetlights are all there is


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