Week 20 : Nuovo pop italiano – Siberia

This week I went back to my trustworthy italian indie pop playlist and I wanted to share with you the song that made me listen to this genre in the first place. It’s great, if you like bands like White Lies, Editors or Interpol you’ll probably like Siberia.

Ma che differenza fa non prenderla sul serio?
Sai che a volte la tristezza è quello che vogliamo ?

But what difference does it make not taking it seriously?
Do you know that
sometimes sadness is what we want?

I took italian in high school so obviously I didn’t have to use Reverso to translate this and I encourage you to translate the whole song to really get its vibe. It’s a great existential song and I love the vocals that go “AAAaaah” at the end of the chorus. It’s also a great song to slow dance with yourself or to have a mirror staring competition.

I can’t really ask you to write in italian but did you see the music video ? Now I wanna ask you, what weird thing that completely disrupts your daily routine would you do if you were in that music video ?

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One response to “Week 20 : Nuovo pop italiano – Siberia”

  1. i rlly like this song tho i know like 10 italian words but anyway, i think what i would like to do if i were in that video is to do something very dramatic like overdo my makeup, overdraw my eyeliner, or like chop my hair off in a way that would look very very ugly, or maybe drink something colorful like wine or syrup and let it drip down my chin and not wash it, something of the sort (i would never harm my goldfish tho!!)


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