Week 23 : Dying On The Vine – John Cale

This week we’re leaving behind summer indie pop tracks to take a dramatic break with this 1985 John Cale song that feels like it’s from an opera. It could also play in the background of an intense introspection scene in a movie with the main character on the beach or something…See, it’s still summer !

I’ve been chasing ghosts and I don’t like it
I wish someone would show me where to draw the line
I’d lay down my sword if you would take it
And tell everyone back home I’m doing fine

I don’t have anything deep to say, these lyrics are simply great. I like the fact that grand feelings and metaphors like chasing ghosts or laying down a sword are mixed with down to earth things that are not as cool like telling people back home you’re doing fine. If you check out the rest of the lyrics you’ll see this literary device is used throughout the whole song.

For this week’s prompt I’d like to ask you to do the same, write me a verse where grand metaphors meet everyday things. You’ll see it’s not so easy to find the right balance…

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One response to “Week 23 : Dying On The Vine – John Cale”

  1. i think it’s a great song you can really imagine it in a movie, in a scene where it starts as intradiegetic and ends up extradiegetic or smth…
    here goes my attempt for your prompt:
    tending to the wound
    caused by going outside
    shutting everything off
    under the covers in my bed
    i don’t like going to battle
    out of this little box i’m in
    i would rather lick the blood
    the night beckons me
    but i oversleep
    (i really don’t know abt this one, it was pretty hard for me and i feel like it’s really cringey… notice that you can interpret this as a verse sung by a loser vampire tho :^) )


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