Week 24 : Ghost/Summer (Medley) – Marsheaux

Quite a fun concept for this week because this song is actuallly a mash up, a medley if you will, of two songs. Both songs (great on their own) “Ghost” and “Summer” are from Marsheaux, a very cool electro synth-pop duo drawing inspiration from 80’s new wave.

Do you know where to go ?
To find the love you are looking for
Do you know what to do ?
Beat the ghost you are dreaming of
How does it feel dancing alone ?
How does it sound when there’s no music on ?

A few weeks ago when I was talking about Get Well Soon I said that it was our first time encountering lyrics mentioning ghosts and now they’re everywhere ! We’re full on haunted on this blog now.

Anyway I think the lyrics are fun because this is really a track you want to dance to, and if you’re unlucky you might not have the right to use the aux cord at parties or worse, you could not even be invited to parties at all ! Don’t worry if that’s the case because you’ll probably feel this song even more if you’re indeed dancing alone.

And when you stop, you can ask yourself the other question, which is what I’m gonna be asking you today : “How does it sound when there’s no music on ?” Sorry this is not really a literary prompt, it’s more of an opportunity for you to express something, if you’re shy you can simply tell me your opinion on this song.

Answer Below

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One response to “Week 24 : Ghost/Summer (Medley) – Marsheaux”

  1. i rlly love the album cover lmao and the song is great, i wanna dance around to it with a cocktail in hand
    how does it sound when there’s no music on? i have a tendency to easily lose focus if i’m in public with music in my ears but i gotta actually do something and not just quickly walk somewhere or take public transportation, so i turn it down, or i take one earphone out. then i can hear the clamor of the streets, people chatting or ordering at cafés, parents scolding their kids for running too far ahead of them, weird street vendors trying to sell you the shadiest items you’ve ever seen in your life. i love hearing bits of conversations between people passing me by, i love to make up stories about what i’ve heard in my head, i wish i could interrupt them and ask for a rundown of the drama. i can hear the vehicles, tooting their horns non stop for whatever reason, i can hear emergency vehicles. i can hear the cashiers at the grocery store talking trash about some customer from earlier in the day when i’m trying to reach my wallet from the depths of my tote bag. i have to turn off my music when grocery shopping or else i get carried away, i forget my zucchinis and i have to return later in the day. i wish i didn’t, i’d like to be one of those people that can focus with music in their ears, who can read, shop, work with music, but sadly i have to know what it’s like when there’s no music on.


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