Week 25 : Maritime Mammals – Fever the Ghost

Fever the Ghost’s first (and only) full-length album from 2015 is just full of psych-pop gems and has a distinct haunting quality to it that is hard to find elsewhere. This song in particular feels like a ride in a ghost train, believe me, it starts with a weird harpsichord melody.

You sold it all, I know…
something, know where you are
The hold you met with silences
All your pieces (Who are we?)
You had it all
Right to see the world

Surround the world’s insects
Who have held your hold
Surround the world’s insects

What did I tell you last week ? Yeah, this blog’s haunted ! This week the ghosts are not in the lyrics but in the artist’s name…

Anyway, strange lyrics right ? I’m a big fan of the weird electronic voice quiver, it makes the words sound like they’re coming from outer space (or your walls). Since this is kind of a psychedelic album I’d like to ask, where does this song take you when you listen to it ? Where are you ? What are you doing ? Are giant insects a thing you find charming ?

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One response to “Week 25 : Maritime Mammals – Fever the Ghost”

  1. when i listen to this song, it takes me on a very 70s cheap scifi movie set, but made real, i feel like i’m floating in a very cheap rendering of outer space, with tacky planets made of papier maché and acrylic paint, literally just vibing as the song progresses and finally falling down when it stops. i’m sorry to say, i like the concept of giant insects but i hope i don’t meet any, i don’t want to disprove the saying that « it’s more scared of you than you are of it »… but big respect to them nonetheless if they come across your website 🙂


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