Week 26 : This Ready Flesh – TR/ST

The debut album of TR/ST is a good summer album, you can practically smell the dancefloor sweat emanating from these synthetizers. This song in particular is an electronic nihilistic anthem and it sure has a slippery edge to it. Sorry for the bad words.

I have been a strange hand
With too many moving parts
It was worth that feeling, though
It’s my favorite kind of nerve
Make-believe it’s wet inside
It was worth it

I just love Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski’s scary sexy voices…and those rough synths at the start of the song…

anyway let’s not get distracted I really like that line, “strange hand with too many moving parts”, it’s a very visceral image and so could you write me something like that with another body part ? I’ll go first if that helps, “I have been a weirdly shaped nail/Scratching on a glue covered thigh”.

Answer Below.

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2 responses to “Week 26 : This Ready Flesh – TR/ST”

  1. i like this band, it’s a really good song to get ready to imo!! here goes a strange image for the prompt: « i have been a tooth dangling from the gum, drool dripping down », idk if it’s visceral enough tho… i like yours, where did you get the inspo for a glue covered thigh!!

    1. Teeths dangling are always pretty visceral, scary > sexy for that one ! 👹
      And as for the inspo I don’t know, I just thought of it…


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