Week 27 : Berlin – A Certain Ratio

I’m late, it’s not monday it’s wednesday and since we’re on the subject of passing time, how about a new(ish) song from an old band ? A Certain Ratio is a band that formed in 1977 in Manchester and in 2020, they released a new album after 12 years. Funny how time flies right ?

If I’ve been here before
Mixed up in your thoughts
You threw the signs on the floor
You told me that I could fake it
The knife you sold me broke in two
Twice the phones cut me
You always said just passing through
You always said, “Forget me”

I just love the video, in general I like music videos where someone dances alone because it’s such a shared experience. I’d like to know in real time how many people are dancing in their bedrooms right now. Anyway I think this verse is very well written and I’d call it “typical songwriting”, I don’t really know how to define that. It’s kind of like Interpol or White Lies lyrics, to me that is “typical songwriting”.

Enough about me, I’ve been thinking recently about songs that include both “I” and “You”, do you sometimes relate to both the “I” and the “You” at the same time ? Give me exemples of songs where you do or if you don’t, tell me why you think it never happens. And one more thing if you do, is that a weird position to be in ? I think it is sometimes for some songs.

Answer Below.

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One response to “Week 27 : Berlin – A Certain Ratio”

  1. what a nice song and what a nice music video!! i am a big fan of music videos in a domestic environment ❤
    regarding your question, i don’t really know, i think i mostly relate to the « i » part and not the « you » part, but then again it depends and i don’t relate often to song lyrics, it is not a major part of why i listen to music, that’s why i also really enjoy lyrics that tell a story from the outside without the lyricist being explicitely involved in it… sometimes lyrics involving a « you » and an « i » touch me but i believe it’s more because of the beauty of what the song says than because i relate to it, but if i relate to it from looking at my most recent likes on spotify i think i relate generally more to the « i ». so yeah, not a very interesting answer i guess… i have related to the « you » part when i know that some other person has been listening to the song and thinking it was about us, them being the « i » part, but otherwise it is not really something i do, except if the « i » is quite absent from the song or is a councelor figure to the « you » like it can sometimes be (in monday morning by pulp for example, even though i don’t relate that much, like i don’t think ‘omg this song is so about me’)
    so yeah it’s a very long answer and it got me thinking a lot, maybe i’ll try and discover new songs that can put me in that interesting double position mhm!!


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