Week 28 : Lagoons – Kane Strang

Here’s an angsty summer album for you, Two Hearts and No Brain is a perfect listen for those out there who are doing a “break up summer”, a “missing the ex summer” or even a “falling apart relationship summer”, whatever…you do you ! Anyway here’s the opening song.

I was in the bed, you were on the outskirts
I was in my head and you were very, very hurt
Two synchronised swimmers, swimming in gloomy lagoons
And you will go away
And it will be too soon
It will be too soon

Some songs on this album are a bit too tacky in their demonstration of teenage-like angst (almost reaching a Crywank level) but this one hits just right. I like the fact that this song feel like having a conversation with someone who keeps changing topics to regain balance. The guitars are very clean and bright throughout the whole album, which is what you want from a summer listen, so go ahead and indulge yourself !

I’m now going to give you your summer homework and ask you to write a verse or a chorus that has to mention swimming.

Answer Below

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One response to “Week 28 : Lagoons – Kane Strang”

  1. i really like this song, it has a distinct teenage feeling to it which comes from the very high pitched guitars i guess
    i’m still not the best at writing lyrics but here you go:

    rays of sunlight in your hair
    when you came back to the surface
    shimmering drops on your skin
    you beckoned me in the foam of the waves
    the golden horizon
    i’m not a good swimmer
    i’ve always feared the tide
    so i’ll watch you from the warm sand
    little drop of sunshine
    bobbing up and down
    amongst the sparkling froth


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