Week 29 : The Last Exit – Still Corners

We’ve been over the basics of summer music these past weeks, surf rock, psych pop, sunny electro but we’ve not done folk yet, specifically the kind that screams road trip. To cover this summer music subgenre, this nice, kind of southern gothicy song called “The Last Exit” will be perfect. Have a safe journey but to enhance your experience, drive alone.

I’m drifting off to nowhere
The past an echo on my mind
In the middle of the desert
The devil trailing just behind
And it’s a shame that I had to disappear
The last exit
The last exit

Nice music video right ? It’s inspired by the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock which is a great summertime watch , if you’d like to do the meaning with movies too.

The lyrics are pretty straightforward on this one so I don’t have much to say, it simply works. I’m also going to be quite simple with my prompt, could you write me a verse or chorus (or both !) with a southern gothic vibe ? Think snakes, desert, Johnny Cash, death, a comically long road, y’know ?

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One response to “Week 29 : The Last Exit – Still Corners”

  1. i’m a huge fan of this vibe for a song!! i would say tho that this song sounds more like some sort of southwestern gothic, but it’s less legit than southern gothic and like its far west little cousin so i’m just nitpicking… here goes my attempt at your prompt :p

    chasing in the red sand
    under the scalding sun
    no town around for miles on end
    animal skulls lying in the dust
    and then i fall down
    i fall down on the ground
    my shadow disappears
    it leaves me alone
    alone in red
    i think it’s time
    my shadow disappears
    alone in red
    i think it’s time



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