Week 30 : I Don’t Want It Darker – AUA

I don’t know about you but these days I only want to listen to music that feels like a friendly yet sad computer made it and I Don’t Want It Darker by the german duo AUA is exactly that. How and when did the machine get the blues ? Are you ok, computer ?

If I look,
I see the saddest things
If I listen,
I hear the saddest things
If I dream,
I’m in the saddest dream

I was immediately intrigued when I saw this song’s name, a reference to Cohen’s You Want It Darker in such a different genre of music is kind of charming. It’s fun to imagine Mister Cohen in a sci-fi computer world. And just like Cohen’s song, the title is also the name of the whole album. I feel like I already talked too much so I’ll briefly say that the singing in this track is really haunting and adds a great depth to these simple lyrics.

Before I give you a prompt I’d like to share a funny review you can find on their bandcamp, someone with the username “LSD” commented : “Definitely a good album for stoners!”. Anyway this week I’d like you to find a song or an album’s name that you would subvert for your own song or album.

I think I’d do a weird heavy noise album called “The Bombs are Louder Now” (in reference to the Smiths compilation album….not the BTS song…c’mon people)

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One response to “Week 30 : I Don’t Want It Darker – AUA”

  1. i loved the song and i loved the article as well, it’s nice to see you share more about your personal connexion to your recs even though you could very well be a friendly yet sad computer yourself… as for your prompt, i think i’d like to do a cheeky little electro song called “modern life is still rubbish”, maybe a dancey bop kinda song. do i even need to say what the reference is… i love this album title cause it’s just so simple and evocative and also delightfully brit, love the elegance of the word rubbish,it’s so underrated nowadays tbh!! anyway great article, keep it up!!


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