Week 31 : At Night When It Hurts – Mick Strauss

Who loves the sun ? These past weeks I’ve been promoting summer songs on here and dreaming of sunny beaches and deserts but I think it’s time to get a lil’ wetter and a lil’ darker. This is a great night song, hence the name, and it’s a lil’ spooky like a ghost train

Hit me with the bill
I don’t remember my name
Since You crawled into me
It’s never been the same
Some drives take long
Some poems ring strong
Some words can’t say
What’s there in your heart

I like that this song has different levels, with some creepy little background melodies and a sad piano outro… The music video is also nice and spooky, and not just because there are many men in turtlenecks featured in it.

I love when a song is aware that words can only go so far, “some words can’t say…” Anyway, this “Some” repetition gives a really nice rythm and it’s used twice in the song, the other portion of lyrics goes : “Some bills feel fake, Some stones grow cold, Some songs sound wrong”. I’d like you to write me a verse that uses the same literary device, say it out loud when you write it, make sure it’s got a lil’ rythm…

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One response to “Week 31 : At Night When It Hurts – Mick Strauss”

  1. hi!! love the music video for this one, and the song as well! i liked your summer recs but it’s far from my favorite season so i appreciate this gloomier vibe… i love your recs either way but this hits the spot! anyway here i go with my prompt:

    some graves are unnamed
    some girls feel no shame
    some nights are darker
    some dances macabres
    some things decay
    some people fade away

    quite emo, but i was riding that gloomy wave and it made me think of ye olde memento mori so…


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