Week 32 : Rewind – Dog Park

Keep this one for your bedtime routine, doctor’s order. This song works best just before bed, when the spell of dreamy indie pop works wonders and in a haze you can be a high schooler who just got broken up with.

I’ve had some dark days I wanted to tell you
I sat next to the place we saw a child fall
My heart was hurting for the very last day
The smell of september just remains the same

Don’t worry, I will never ask you to write a breakup song. However I do really enjoy the structure of these lyrics, one line sentimental and one line factual. I think it’s a great tool to keep a song from being too heavy and dramatic (unless that’s the look you’re going for…). It makes it sadder, sometimes being too dramatic can have the opposite effect and strip a song of its emotional impact.

You can probably guess what your prompt is going to be…write me a verse using that same emotional/factual method. You’ll see it’s quite fun to try to do pairs, not at all like summer homework I promise…

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One response to “Week 32 : Rewind – Dog Park”

  1. i like the dreamy hazy vibes of this song a lot!! i’m gonna reverse do the meaning, i think it’s funny how you said “that’s the look you’re going for”, cause i like the implication that songwriting is also showing something about you, that it makes you /look/ a certain way (and in that case well i wonder how i look when i answer your prompts..) anyway, here i go:

    i walk by loud restaurants and cafés
    and i’m waiting for this wound to heal
    when we would meet in the park
    now there’s only void where you once sat
    i look at my watch and see the time
    the night is descending on my heart

    good job again on the rec!!


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