Week 33 : Steven Smith – The Organ

The Organ was a very short-lived band with only one album to its name, Grab That Gun. It’s “post-punk”, but in the same way in which The Smiths can be called a post-punk band, and speaking of The Smiths…

As I was saying, I know
That I’ve been one of the few who walked away from you
Steven Smith, we all lose
One look at you and they’re suddenly covered in shrapnel too
It’s true, most die in your bedroom

Love me a song beginning with “As I was saying”, and the little background rhythm that starts the song sounds great too, almost like an alarm. And as I was saying before, this song relates to The Smiths; the clue is in the name: Steven, as in Steven Patrick Morrissey, and you can probably figure the second word out for yourself.

The singer of The Organ, Katie Sketch, was a big Morrissey fan, and even though the lyrics are definitely inspired by him, she says it wasn’t intentional; it just happened. The lyrics are pretty dark, and that’s an understatement.

Writing prompts are kind of an extinct species, aren’t they? I’ll keep throwing them at you anyway. This is a tricky one, so feel free to go back to my other articles and do easier prompts if this is your first time here, but I’d like you to do what Katie Sketch did and write a chorus/verse/song about a musician.

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